MING RI is a full-service flexible packaging producer based in China, offering virtually types of roll stocks & preformed pouches and serving clients around in a wide range of industries.


With 30 years experiences in flexible packaging, MING RI has earned reputation in the flexible packaging industry for having exceptional expertise in manufacturing high-barrier packaging, perforated film for oxygen absorber and desiccant, low temperature seal film, and laminated web, etc.


Since its inception, MING RI has been quality driven and customer focused. Prime raw materials, modern factory equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, highly trained and experienced employees, and stringent quality control system ensure us to provide constant superior quality products coupled with responsive and professional communication.


MING RI is certified under ISO 9001, and is in the process of certifying for ISO 14000 and BRC. We will always look to elevate our quality and services through continuous improvement efforts.


Our goal is to be your reliable and professional flexible packaging supplier. Whatever your need is, our strong know-how ensures us formulate customized and innovative solutions specifically for your products. Your project is our main mission!



WHY CHOOSE USProvide an Integrated and Comprehensive Solution


Strong know-how, innovative & customized solutions, and relentless pursuit of quality


Word-of-mouth recommendations through worldwide clients in a variety of industries


Responsive technical support and customer service


Air emissions control, energy conservation, and recycling initiatives to preserve the environment

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