Choosing the right laminated bag for the job

Update:28 Mar 2020

It's easy to laminate documents with retort pouch a pouch laminator, but to get started you need - what else? - laminating pouches! With laminating pouches, all you need to do is put your document in the pouch, run it through the machine, let it cool, and you'll have a perfectly laminated document. It's that easy and it's also easy to select the right laminating pouch for the job. Here are five things to consider when shopping for pouches.Before you make any other decisions about which pouch to use, you have to know what size you need.

The pouch should be slightly bigger than the item you're laminating to allow the pouch to seal itself around the edges of your document. The size of the border around your item is a personal preference but generally,  border around all four edges of the document is a good choice. If the pouch you're using has a pre-punched slot, remember to allow for more space along the side of the slot.Thickness. Laminating pouches come in four main thicknesses: 3mil, 5mil, 7mil, and 10mil. The thickness of the pouch you use depends on your laminator because not all machines are capable of handling 7mil and 10mil pouches. However, if your laminator can handle all four of these thicknesses, then your choice of pouch depends on how much rigidity and protection you need for your project.

For example, if your item is going to be handled a lot (as with a restaurant menu), choose a thicker pouch. One thing to keep in mind is that since pouches have front and back flaps, the amount of laminate is actually double the stated size of the pouch (i.e. a 3mil pouch actually provides 6mil of laminate.Do you want your project to have a glossy finish? Or maybe you want a matte look for your project. Laminating pouches come in both of these finishes and there are other types available depending on what you need, such as a writeable finish or even a colored one. Whatever your project calls for, chances are you'll be able to find a pouch with the perfect finish.This is an important consideration because not all laminating pouches are created equal and sometimes aren't even made from the same materials.

As with any other product, you get what you pay for, so odds are, the more expensive pouch, the higher the quality.Other features. Finally, there are a few other things to look for when buying laminating pouches. First, most pouches have slightly rounded corners so that your documents have a more professional look while not needing to be trimmed down. Also, pouches are always open on three sides and sealed on one. If you'll be laminating larger documents, you may find it helpful to get pouches that are sealed on the longer side. This can make it easier to align your item when preparing to laminate.Now that you know what to look for when choosing laminating pouches, it's easy to select the right pouch for the job. So choose your pouches, grab your documents, and get laminating today! 

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