Key aspects of the spout pouch industry and its influencing factors

Update:26 Oct 2019

Spout pouch are able to provide flexible packaging option for all the fluid products. It is a safer packaging solution that guarantees that the transportation of liquid products is easier and mess-free than the Plastic bottles or Glass bottles.Increasing sales due to attractive packaging is estimated to drive the growth prospects for the global spout pouch market until the end of 2023. A product’s aesthetic appeal is determined by its packaging, labeling, and graphic designs that add cosmetic value to these consumer products. Also, manufacturers of food products and other packaged consumer products are increasingly focusing on factors such as convenience, ease of use, and visually appealing packaging solutions to increase their sales in the market.

These manufacturers invest heavily in building their brand images by differentiating their products from those of their competitors to attract new customers and boost sales. Moreover, with the growing emerging markets such as Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe, the amount of spending by the consumers increases. This increase in the spending spurs the demand for attractive packaging solutions such as pouches. Furthermore, with the growing demand for attractive packaging solutions, the vendors are increasingly investing in research and development to increase their production efficiencies for such pouches.

Flexible packaging formats has witnessed a significant growth over rigid packaging formats. Spout pouches are commonly used flexible packaging solution for packaging of several products in industries such as food, beverages, home care & personal care, automotive, pharmaceuticals etc. Spout pouch is a flexible packaging solution in which spout is equipped at the top of the pouch, or at the corner. Spout pouch are mostly used for packaging of liquid products such as sauces, beverages, lubricants. Consumer preference for flexible packaging is increasing over rigid packaging solutions. Spout pouch and zipper pouch are popular among consumers as they prefer convenient and efficient packaging solution that keeps the content fresh,  are transparent and can be consumed on-the-go, microwave compatible, easy to open & close, consumes less storage space.

Along with these features spout pouch enhances the shelf presence, are light weight and cost efficient. The global spout pouch market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period.Manufacturers are focusing on innovative packaging solutions with add on features such as zippers, spouts etc. Re-sealability plays a vital role in the selection of packaging format. Resealable pouches have become the primary choice of packaging solution and spout pouch is one of them. The amount of packaging material used for manufacturing of spout pouches is less as compared to the rigid packaging solutions such as bottles, aseptic cartons etc. and the enhanced shelf life offered by the spout pouch over rigid packaging solutions is also an advantage.

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