Vertical bags are a fast-growing segment

Update:09 Jan 2020

Packaging trends pop up pretty quickly, and even spout pouch when you have your finger on the pulse of the industry, there are always innovative new ways to present your items that you may not have considered.Stand-up pouches  are one of the most convenient, flexible and trendy new packaging options. They’ve been around for decades, but with the public’s growing interest in efficiency and waste reduction, they’re rapidly growing in popularity.SUPs usually have a resealable zipper, track and or spout, and can carry solid, liquid or powdered items. Single-serve drinks like Capri Sun, to-go snacks, any baby food or granola containers also come in pouches.

Scan the shelves of any retail store in 2019, and you’ll see these flexible pouches all over the place.Because they’re functional, flexible and have a wealth of potential uses, are more popular than ever  and an important addition to the options available in manufacturing.More and more products are being offered in pouches, from coffee beans to soap refills to potato chips.Stand up pouches are often resealable, a major plus for consumers. With reclosable sliding zippers, for example, perishable snacks like vegetables stay fresh for longer. Plus, they make opening and closing the products much easier for people who may have disabilities or face challenges with dexterity.Transparency is an option with pouches.

These windows allow consumers to view the container’s contents and frequently increasing likelihood of purchase. As a recent Forbes article noted, “Going beyond just the listed ingredients on the label, consumers also want to see the physical product before purchase.These pouches are often recyclable, or can be made with recyclable or sustainable materials — a key ingredient for today’s market expectations. There are limitations once you get into multi-layer pouches that include foil and other barrier layers.SUPs require less material to produce than many competing options, reducing waste and manufacturing costs, and lowering the carbon footprint. Since they’re lighter, it also reduces transportation costs.

Consumers aAdded spouts on top of these pouches allow products like sauces and other liquids to be easily poured without any added mess.Even though stand up pouches are made from flexible materials, they’re hardy, and designed to remain standing — even if the pouch is only partially full. That’s they they’re perfect for resealable products or items that may be used intermittently.In addition, the SUP trend is in keeping with consumers shifting eating habits. People have been moving away from three main meals and moving toward eating snacks and smaller items throughout the day.

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