What makes stand-up packaging special

Update:13 Dec 2019

StandUpPouches.net began in 2007 stand up pouch with the goal of helping small businesses succeed through exceptional packaging.At the time, many small businesses were struggling to survive  let alone win. They needed innovative ways to package their products that stood out from the crowd, but didn’t break the bank.

Plus, they had to navigate a packaging industry designed for the big guys. The only way to create custom printed flexible packaging was to run a minimum of 50,000 pieces per SKU, flavor, or version: not an option for many smaller players.We changed all that. By allowing minimum runs of just 5,000 pieces, we empowered small businesses to create, market, and expand their product lines. But quantity is not our only differentiator.

Our packaging leads the industry in function, design, and style. With us, you never sacrifice quality for quantity.Since then, we’ve grown to support businesses of all sizes. We continue to help the “little guys” compete, but we’re just as dedicated once those little guys get big.

We’ve examined every single step of our process and can guarantee that every customer gets the same quality, service, and support, from runs of five thousand to five million.These days, our customers range from mom and pop shops to Heinz, Kraft, McCormick, Mars, and more. But one thing has remained the same. No matter their size, from the smallest start-up to the corporate 800 pound gorilla, our customers get the finest printed pouches in the industry. 

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