Dual ovenable lidding film market to continue rising

Update:22 Feb 2020

A report by Future Market Insights has revealed that the lidding film global market for dual ovenable lidding films is projected for revenues over US$81 million by the end of 2020, with a healthy  during . Expansion of the convenience processed and packaged foods sector, could also boost sales of dual ovenable lidding films in the future.

Research suggests that prepared meals, frozen foods, meat products and dairy products could remain key application areas of dual ovenable lidding films in future.The dual ovenable lidding films provide strong sealability and a printable texture, making the films suitable for food industry operators. Polyethylene terephthalate  and polypropylene  used in manufacturing the films have strong chemical resistance, high tensile strength and transparency.

The two material types hold nearly a  share in the global dual ovenable lidding films market.The films offer a freezer-to-oven, ‘no touch’ cooking solution, driven by their oxygen barrier properties, easy access and clear product display.

With governmental organisations across the world offering tax incentives on the usage of decomposable plastic packaging, industries operating in meat products, ready meals and frozen goods are seeking to fulfil their sustainability goals and capitalise on these incentives. Demand for decomposable dual ovenable lidding films is also increasing due to eco-conscious consumers and stringent recycling regulations, with global platers manufacturing products in this segment to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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