Finding the best location for bag packaging

Update:28 Feb 2020

The flexibility to handle a variety of sizes and styles is key, along with the ability to accommodate faster changeovers. In fact, 42 percent of manufacturers interviewed for the PMMI report are changing from mass production to mass customization or small batch production. This production style requires machines and systems capable of quick changeovers to reduce the downtime required to prepare machines for the next product or packaging to run on the same line.

As package sizes are shrinking, candy makers are looking at speed of operation to keep volume high. Many companies responding to the survethat provided data for the report stated that current flexible packaging machines are not fast enough even at speeds of 180 pouches per minute. They are looking for rates close to 300-400 pouches per minute.Producing less waste and consuming less energy are considerations when sourcing machines for pouch packaging.

Energy consumption accounts for stand up pouch percent of total production cost, so confectionery manufacturers seek improvements in production processes that reduce emissions and lower energy consumption. In today’s sustainability-conscious environment, pouch packaging is a smart choice for manufacturers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Pouch packaging is compact compared to rigid packaging allowing the transport of a larger quantity of products in a single truck.And lastly, companies foresee an increased use of automation, especially in areas where labor can be expensive and difficult to source.

Manufacturers are investing in automated bagging machines  that open, fill, weigh and seal stand up pouches. An ABS machine can typically package up to 15 bags per minute of dry flowable product. The made-to-order, customizable ABS usually provides full ROI within one year, according to respondents to the PMMI survey. Robotic case packaging and palletizing also continue to grow as manufacturers claim it is the most efficient way to meet end-of-line demands for a variety of SKUs, shapes and sizes.

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