The development history of packaging bags

Update:07 Sep 2020

The barrier film commercial nature of the packaging itself is becoming more and more significant. It has become a special product that is no longer attached to the production of commodities, a widely used product that all commodities cannot do without. Chinese scientists have developed an environmentally friendly plastic bag made of electrolyte. This environmentally friendly plastic bag can not only be harmlessly decomposed, but it can also be dissolved in water. According to scientists' explanations, products made of high-molecular plastic materials commonly used in life will take hundreds of years to be completely decomposed and will exist on the earth for hundreds of years. With the improvement of people's living standards, more attention is paid to the quality of life.

eco friendly stand up pouches

The use of food packaging bags is essential for food storage and circulation in the market, and the environmental protection of packaging materials in Shenyang is also very important. Food packaging bags are higher packaging materials than other plastic packaging bags, because most food packaging bags are composited by multiple materials. Therefore, food packaging bags need shading and tightness. Since the food vacuum bag uses a triangular seal made of double-layer composite film, higher vacuum bags will be made of three-layer aluminum foil composite film.

Therefore, the thickness of the composite film is generally between 60 and 96 nanometers, and the inner layer of the packaging bag is a heat-sealing layer, which has good heat-sealability, and the thickness is selected between 50 and 80 nanometers; the outer layer is a sealing layer.It needs good air tightness and printability, and the outer layer has high strength. The thickness is generally between 10 and 16 nanometers. Food packaging bag materials commonly include composite films made of different types of plastics such as.

Olystyrene, and melamine, and composite packaging bags made of composite materials such as multilayer and laminated films. These materials vary according to The characteristics and different processing techniques can produce different kinds of packaging bags such as rice vacuum packaging bags, dog food self-supporting zipper bags, condiment plastic packaging bags, tea packaging bags, etc. This new environmentally friendly plastic bag will not release harmful substances during the decomposition process, and can even be decomposed into natural substances that insects love, which greatly helps protect the natural environment.

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