What are the packaging design skills

Update:01 Sep 2020

The poor stand up pouch quality of many packaging makes consumers feel dissatisfied and even bored, directly affecting the sales of goods. Under the current market conditions of cruel competition, it cannot but be said to be a kind of containment for merchants or manufacturers. Naturally, it also affects the economic benefits of businesses or manufacturers. This is mainly because the basic quality and design level of product packaging designers cannot improve, which leads to the lack of quality of packaging design. The taste of packaging design is mainly the mastery of packaging design skills. If the skills are mastered, there will be no problems of taste and inability. So, where should we talk about the anaphoric relationship between color and packaging? Mainly through the external packaging color can reveal or reflect the inner packaging items.

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One can basically perceive or think of what the inner packaging is when one looks at the outer packaging. The author has mentioned this problem many times in previous articles, but if we can walk into the store and take a look at the goods, many products have not reflected this kind of caring relationship. It makes consumers unable to think of what the packaged goods are from the outside and inside. Of course, it will not play a positive promotional role in product sales. The color of the normal external packaging should grasp the same characteristics to varying degrees; from the industry, the normal color of the food category is expressed with the main color of goose yellow and pink, which gives people a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Of course, a lot of green is used for tea, a lot of green and blue are used for beverages, a lot of red is used for wines and cakes, a lot of rose color is used for children's food, and daily cosmetics are normal colors. The main colors are mostly rose, pink, white, light green, light blue, and dark coffee to highlight the warm and elegant sentiment. The clothing, shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark blue, coffee or gray to emphasize calmness. The beauty of elegance is emphasized. In terms of performance characteristics, as far as food is concerned, cakes and snacks are mostly golden, and light  to give people the impression of aroma; tea, beer and other beverages are mostly red or green, which symbolizes the richness and aroma of tea.

Tomato juice and apple juice are mostly red, which shows the natural attributes of the item. Although some packages do not use colors with similar product attributes from the main color as mentioned above, if you look carefully, if the design of the package is written by your own home, then in the picture of its outer package There must be the symbolic color block, color point, color line or concentrated content highlighted by that color of the sunny pen. This should be everyone's proud work. Many such examples can be found in the packaging of some clothing, some makeup, and even some wine packaging.

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