What are the common manufacturing processes of color printing packaging

Update:22 Jun 2020

We use the process spout pouch of UV offset printing when making color printing packaging, but because UV offset printing ink contains active monomer diluent and photoinitiator, they can decompose the dots on the ordinary offset printing PS plate of color printing packaging, so that the printing plate's printing resistance is obvious Decline, so UV offset printing must choose a special UV offset PS version. In the production of color printing packaging, we need to understand the true height of the indented steel wire, not the height of the mark.

Stand-up pouch

The height of the indented steel wire is calculated based on the height of the blade and the thickness of the material being die cut. The die-cut materials are divided into cardboard, corrugated paper, plastic, etc., and their thicknesses are different, so the height of the indented steel wire is also relatively fine. The paper quality of the cardboard used for die cutting and cardboard will be different paper with longer fibers is more tensile, and a higher creasing steel wire can be used; while the paper quality of short fibers is brittle, it needs to be reduced accordingly The height of the indented steel wire.

In the production of color printing packaging, although the height of the indentation steel wire installed on the die-cutting plate is strictly calculated and corrected, the indentation is always in place, and this batch of deep and next batches often occur. Therefore, it must be continuously adjusted in die cutting production. The reason is that the actual height of many indented steel wires is very different from the marked height. The color printing packaging bag itself is superior in nature and has good water and gas barrier properties. In the packaging profession, it has a wide range of uses.

It can package products of different forms such as food, cereals, powders, and electronic products. For perishable commodities, it can be useful to extend the shelf life and storage period. Color-printed packaging bags are light-weight and take up less space. They can effectively save space and reduce costs during transportation and storage. Color-printed packaging bags can be used for both shipping and sales packaging. They are large in size, wide in application and easy to process. Compared with other packaging materials, the original materials and production costs of color-printed packaging bags are lower.

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