How to have better packaging design for plastic color printing bags

Update:30 Jun 2020

The common retort pouch polyethylene  plastic color printing bag, the material is transparent, the content can be considered. The color of the color printed plastic bag is used for the content of the color and can be used for the back of the pattern. Landscapes, various local landscapes, etc. must be designed as long as they can attract customers' attention. Compound plastic bags require more complex requirements.

retort pouch

Plastic bag manufacturers will highlight product features based on colorful style designs and improve packaging. Pay attention to the printing of food packaging bags, and the colors should be realistic and beautiful. Although this will increase production costs, in order to attract customers' attention, it is more practical, good, general, and low. Four sets of film, that is, the industry The four colors often said, want to print the plastic bag very realistic and beautiful.

It is good to make seven sets of film making, that is, adopt seven color printing methods. The content of customized plastic bags is also the key. The content of the packaging and the brand name of the customer can be designed to be large. But it depends on the size of the plastic bag, and the text should be legible. The text on the plastic bag is not strictly regulated, as long as the food contact surface is not printed. The art of paintbrushes and words is the designer's own play and operation.

The difference in color shades should not be obvious. There should be no bright and dark phases, no light in the first batch, dark in the latter batch, and frequent changes. The color of the bag silk is milky white, and can not be mixed with two or more colors of silk thread, and the color depth change should be slight, if the change is greater than the sample range, the product will be returned. A bag of broken wire is not allowed to have three places; the sum of the warp and weft at the same place is less than three, and the braid is uniform, without obvious unevenness.

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