What are the advantages of standing bags

Update:07 Jul 2020

The stand up pouch advantages of standing bags are as follows:

stand up pouch

1. The standing bag is sturdy and firm, resistant to tension and abrasion;

2. Has good sealing

3. It can effectively avoid light and moisture

4. Extend the shelf life of the product

5. Exquisite printing and quality

6. The heat-sealing fastness of the bag is strong, pressure-resistant, drop-resistant, not easy to be broken or broken, and does not leak. The use of replaceable bottles saves you costs and improves the competitiveness of products in the market.

7. Standing bags and zippers can be used repeatedly, with strong sealing and easy storage, suitable for manual and automatic filling and sealing.

8. Excellent quality, exquisite printing, and appearance, make your products a higher level!

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