How much do you know about the three-side sealing bag

Update:14 Jul 2020

The three-side gusset bag sealing bag is closely related to our lives. Our usual snack packaging and mask packaging bags are all packaged in this way. Such a packaging method not only prevents the product from spoiling, but is also beautiful, making people have a desire to have it.

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The airtightness of the three-side sealed bag is good, and it is usually necessary to use this method of making bags. In many cases, the three-side sealed bag needs to be vacuum packed to prevent the food from spoiling, in order to make the shelf life longer.

Not only that, the use of three-side sealing packaging has low loss, beautiful packaging patterns, and good sealing quality, thereby improving product quality. The three-side sealing bag has good sealing performance, high barrier degree, low oxygen and moisture permeability, moisture-proof, anti-fouling, anti-radiation, anti-corrosion, strong mechanical properties, bright and practical appearance.

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