What are the correct ways to use plastic printing bags

Update:21 Jul 2020

For plastic retort pouch printing factories, color printing bags are convenient for loading and transporting small bulk powder and granular materials; and FIBC is a flexible containerized transportation container. Then, the color printing bag has the characteristics of high strength, good waterproofness, beautiful appearance, and easy loading and unloading; while the container bag has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof, and radiation resistance.

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In addition, the structural strength of the FIBC is large, and the volume of the FIBC is much larger than that of the color printing bag. The correct use of plastic color printing bags. With the continuous development of society, there are more and more types of packaging bags, and the styles of plastic color printing packaging tapes are constantly updated.

Although the packaging is getting better and better, you must pay attention to hidden dangers. How can we use packaging bags correctly? Try to use packaging bags as little as possible to pack cooked food. Over time, it is easy to change, and people are prone to mild poisoning. Try not to use ultra-thin plastic bags. The factory is processing Plasticizers are added to ultra-thin plastic bags; plastic bags are not recommended for alcoholic foods.

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