What causes the service life of plastic color printing bags

Update:28 Jul 2020

The stand up pouch products manufactured by the plastic color printing bag customization center are often used by us. They can be used in many households. We don't pay attention to them at ordinary times. They also have a longevity. So what is the reason for their service life.

Oxygen absorber/Desiccant film


We should be aware of the performance of plastic color printing bags, which are packaging materials with a certain protective effect. Its lifespan will be affected by the environment. If the temperature is relatively low, it will easily become brittle, which will easily cause its use effect to drop.

Generally speaking, friction will cause wear, and wear will inevitably reduce the sealing performance. In fact, the use of plastic packaging bags is very convenient, but we should pay attention to maintaining them when using them to extend its service life.

Of course, when we buy, we should also pay attention to choosing products with suitable quality functions according to the environment we are using. Choosing large-brand products can have its quality effect to a certain extent.

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