What is the state of the packaging design market

Update:03 Jun 2020

In today's society, packaging is stand up pouch playing an increasingly important role. Consumers when shopping, often through the packaging appearance to speculate about product quality. Therefore, packaging design can not only reflect the product grade and enable products to meet the psychological needs of consumers, leave a clear impression to consumers, to attract consumers desire to buy. But our country enterprise to the packaging idea understanding and the packing operation, but also has the serious insufficiency, its specific performance in the following several aspects single mode of thinking. The majority of enterprises still think packaging is simple product packaging, packaging is the product plus a coat, ignoring the real function of packaging, there is no packaging design rise to enterprise development strategy up to consider.Originality lack of sense of the times.

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The pursuit of fashion ideas, has become the theme of the times, and our country enterprise packaging in the creative aspects of the poor, let a person see the feel of old fashioned, resulting in brand recognition is not enough, low added value, left to the consumer, the impression is not deep. Also creative cloning wind; light become Xianming, Qingdao variable Bluebird, Stone Forest variable Wu Lin and imitate perfection, do not look carefully, then points out the Li Kui, Li Gui; commodity packaging lack their own personality.Lack of high quality design talents. This is an important reason for the lag of the development of China's packaging industry. Some packaging designers, focusing only on aesthetic, not pay attention to the coordination, the lack of enterprise, correct understanding of packaging mission, to pure art treat commercial products packaging, although packaging art appreciation seems to be very high, but the sales has produced no role in promoting.Market segmentation is not enough, the lack of differentiation.

At present, some domestic enterprises in brand extension and expansion process, lack of innovation, do not know how to market segmentation, cannot stand in for the long-term development of the enterprise strategic height difference of creative packaging, to adapt to consumer demand, and just the thought of in packaging simply to change a name only. As a result, the whole market is homogeneous goods are flooding. If the enterprise can not be out of the vicious circle in time, it is bound to lose their advantage in the competition.The details are not enough. Domestic enterprises in the packaging details have been less than foreign enterprises, often more attention to brand strategy and advertising strategy, while ignoring the packaging strategy. In fact, packaging design also needs to be done carefully, on the contrary, the grade and value of the product does not come out. So, as time passes, the competition of enterprises will become a problem. In a sense, the packaging itself is a kind of face to face to promote the purchase of advertising.Excessive packaging. In the increasingly fierce market competition, the enterprise is the pursuit of profit maximization, often excessive packaging of products for luxury packaging, as a means of occupation of the market.

In the form of value, the cost of packaging is even more than the cost of production of packaged goods. For example: in recent years, often seen in the media of the sky high price of moon cakes pieces of ordinary small cakes are paired with more than ten kinds of high-end gifts, sometimes even gold silver, made of exquisite craft of big box packaging. Some commodities treasures outside its, apple of Sodom, good is not good, see not; some huge volume, intra-abdominal air-to-air, layer upon layer of packing box only a few part of the goods; some seemingly style, rich decent, in fact packaging casket more than the Pearl of the sale cost high; some similar no bird's nest in the bird's nest, no honey without honey fake, neatly packaged into Boutique. Excessive packagings not only consume a lot of wealth, resulting in a great waste of resources, environmental pollution, but also seriously harm the interests of consumers, and corrupt the social atmosphere.Packaging design plays a very important role in the field of production, circulation and consumption; the designers should be able to understand the problems existing in the packaging design of the current market. Should grasp the trend of its development, to design a packaging to adapt to the era of products, enterprises can in the fierce competition to seize the initiative.

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